Parking is available on site in the visitor multi-level car park and in front of Monash Children’s Hospital. Access is via 246 Clayton Road, Clayton. To access the car park, turn left at the main roundabout. The car park provides hourly parking rates using a ticketing system. If your child is staying for a long period, weekly tickets are available from the ticket machine.


There is limited free parking in the side streets around the hospital, especially on weekends. Please speak to staff for locations of these parking spaces. These parking spaces do require a small walk to the hospital.

Please note

Pension and concession cardholders can access discount tickets upon presentation of valid cards to the reception staff at the main entry to Monash Children’s Hospital. 

Parking fees

Time period                                                                        Rate

First 15 minutes                                                                 Free

16-60 minutes                                                                    $11

1-2 hours                                                                            $17

2-3 hours                                                                            $19

3-4 hours                                                                            $22

4-5 hours                                                                            $24

5 + hours                                                                            $25

Lost ticket                                                                          $25

Daily repeat                                                                       $27
(enables ticket holder to come and go several times per day)

Weekly repeat                                                                   $64
(enables ticket holder to come and go several times each day for one week)